Early morning in the garden

Welcome to the home on the Web of the Mullock's.

Our house is called Squirrel's Leap, due to the number of squirrels that make their homes in the trees in our garden. When we first moved in, they also made their drays in our roof cavity, but we put a stop to that as they kept us awake at night and destroyed the insulation!
However, squirrels are not the only wildlife that we share our property with. We have foxes, hedgehogs, numerous frogs and a colony of bats in a silver birch tree that is covered in ivy.
To encourage birds to visit us, we have numerous and various bird-boxes dotted around the trees and on the shed. These are occupied most years, mostly by blue-tits and swifts, although many other birds are regular visitors for the seed we put out and we even get the ocassional bird of prey, on the hunt for a meal!

Certain family members are very keen on football (soccer) and are big supporters of Manchester United Football Club.

Up the Reds!

Thank you for visiting Us!